Archive Name: Alumni Horae
Volume 40, Issue 1, Page 72, Obituaries 2
Originally published: Spring 1960
Obituary: Barnes Newberry, Jr.,
1941-BARNES NEWBERRY, JR., was born in Providence, Rhode Island, June 29, 1921, the son of Commander Barnes Newberry, U.S.N. (ret.), and Elizabeth Binney Newberry; he was a grandson of Truman H. Newberry, U.S. Senator from Michigan and Secretary of the Navy under President Theodore Roosevelt. He was at St. Paul's from 1937 to 1940 and afterwards studied at the Rhode Island School of Design. He served aboard a DE and various other ships during the second World War, mainly in the Pacific. After the war, he worked for and was a director of G. L. & H. J. Gross, Inc., a Providence real estate firm, and was also a director of the People's Savings Bank in Providence and president of the Providence Floating Hospital. He died November 29, 1959, in a fire that swept through his house in Bristol, Rhode Island, at night, and with him perished his step-children, Evan and Stephanie Truslow, and his own children, Eleanor and Rockwell Newberry. He is survived by his wife, Martha Rockwell Newberry; by his son, Barnes Newberry, 3d; by his parents; by his sisters, Mrs. R. W. Leonard and Mrs. George Wholey; and by his brother, William Binney Newberry.
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