Archive Name: Alumni Horae
Volume 44, Issue 3, Page 192, Articles 1
Originally published: Autumn 1964
'48-JOHN GRIFFITH HOFFMANN to Miss Suzanne Miller McWilliam, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Franklin A. MeWilliam of San Francisco, California.
'55-WILLIAM HAWXHUR5T WHERIOER to Miss Antoinette Caroline Lees, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Townsend Lees of Princeton, New Jersey.
'57-ANTHONY CARDER STOUT tn Miss Julie Jeppson, daughter of Mrs. Alfred 0. Ludwig of Boston and Mr. John Jeppson, 2nd. of W'orcester, Massachusetts.
'58-HRRRRRT BUDINGTON WILCOX, 3d, to Miss Catherine Elisabeth Dupasquier, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jean Dupasquier of Lausanne, Switzerland.
'59-DRAYTON PHILLIPS, JR., to Miss Frances Howell Locke, daughter of Mrs. Howell Locke of Washington, D. C., and of Mr. T. Ferguson Locke of Boston, Massachusetts.
'60-LEIGHRON CHAPMAN ATTEBERRY to Miss Janet Ellen Krank, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Wesley Krank of Brooklyn, New York.
'60- CHARLES SENFF MCVEIGH, 3d, to Miss Pamela Chureh Osborn, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William H. Osborn, Jr., of Glen Head, Long Island, New York.
'62-PIERO FEND to Miss Frances Alston Walker, daughter of Mrs. Walter Byron Jacobs, Jr., of Shreveport, Louisiana, and the late Lt. Col. Henry Clay Walker, 3d.
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